Aceto Corp.
Contact:Craig Demling
Tel: +1-516627-6000
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Name:Aceto Corp.
Trade Category: Manufacturer
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Address:One Hollow Lane Lake Success, NY 11042-1215

Aceto Corporation, incorporated in 1947, is a global leader in the sourcing, regulatory support, marketing and distribution of chemically derived pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals and crop protection products. With a physical presence in ten countries, we distribute over 1,000 pharmaceuticals and chemicals used principally as raw materials in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, color, surface coating/ink and general chemical consuming industries. Our global operations, including a staff of 26 in Shanghai and 12 in India, are unique in our industry and enable our worldwide sourcing and regulatory capabilities. We source approximately 67% of our products from Asia, buying from approximately 500 companies in China and approximately 200 companies in India. Our business is organized along product lines into three segments—Health Sciences, Chemicals & Colorants and Crop Protection.Importantly, beyond “traditional distribution,” we add value for our customers and suppliers in terms of product development, providing access to new markets, plant audits, regulatory support, financial planning and logistics. Our revenue base is diverse, with no customer or product accounting for 10% of the business.